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Inspired by international food concepts, SUPERFOODS & ORGANIC LIQUIDS was intentionally launched to unite best flavors, dish ideas & nutrition values to the German food market.


SUPERFOODS & ORGANIC LIQUIDS is a modern, contemporary clean eating food concept that delivers high quality, organic ingredients combined with innovative recipe ideas.

All our dishes, smoothies, cold-pressed juices & salads include at least one Superfood and are available for take away or eat in. All recipes were created with a certified nutritionist combining a mouthwatering taste and maximum nutritional value to our customers. 


The food concept is targeted at urban people who want to easily integrate a healthy eating habit into their often stressful lives and not lack fresh food, clean food or healthy on the go snacks. Also people with intolerances such as gluten-free, dairy-free or sugar-free were incorporated in our menu as we offer 100% sugar-free, 100% gluten-free as well as regualar mil supplements which are 100% dairy-free.


The store concept was designed primarily for take away. Allowing the customer to see how their smoothie is prepared in our high power Vitamixers encouraging transparency and a la minute freshness.


We believe that working with the most innovative technology, such as our vitamin blenders and our Norwalk juicer, maintains our quality standards high allowing for the maximum number of vitamins and nutrition kept within our food and beverages.

The seating area was designed to be modern, timeless and fancy with a contemporary look. We believe that a timeless and clean design aligns with our general company idea of a clean and healthy lifestyle.





SUPERFOODS & ORGANIC LIQUIDS was founded by Julia Puestow & Julian Liebich in June 2015. Julia, holding a Master´s degree in sustainability & Julian, holding a degree in hospitality management share a passion for health-food and good taste.



An innovative fresh food concept, inspired by food concepts from New York & L.A., without long waiting hours, not lacking good taste has been missing in their opinions. This lead them to launch SUPERFOODS & ORGANIC LIQUIDS, choosing Berlin-Mitte, vibrant & worldly as the flagship location with more locations to come soon.





SUPERFOODS & ORGANIC LIQUIDS strives to source the best possible, seasonal & regional ingredients! 


SUPERFOODS & ORGANIC LIQUIDS offers eating in store, dishes & beverages to-go as well as their own delivery service and co-operation delivery services such as Foodora & Deliveroo. The broad menu allows SUPERFOODS & ORGANIC LIQUIDS to serve a broad costumer group consisting if vegan, vegetarian, gluten- & dairy intolerant food lovers.




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